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5 random things to watch out for in 2024*

The squirrel of distraction is watching
  1. How do you feel on a Sunday night as you get ready for work on Monday?

  2. Before that big meeting / sales call / presentation: Take 30 seconds to close your eyes and breath slowly. Feel your chest and abdomen rise and fall; feel the temperature and humidity of the air passing through your nostrils. Now get in there and rock it!

  3. Stop and really look at the first flower you see next time you go outside. Look at the petals, stamen, pistil and surrounding leaves. Notice the delicate variations in color. Sniff for any delicate aroma

  4. Pick up the book closest to you. Open it at random. Read the first full sentence on that page. What does it mean to you?

  5. Buy enough of your favourite fruit to share it with a friend (OK you can substitute for favorite cake or chocolate if you prefer). Take turns to discuss how its looks, its texture, smell and then how it tastes. Now each share your earliest or favourite memory of that fruit, cake, chocolate

*People love lists. I apologize for the clickbait but really like this list... And I'd love to know what you would add

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