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Fourth Quarter check in

As we head into the final fourth of 2022, managers and leaders are likely preparing to have formal 1-1‘s with their direct reports.

Preparing for the meeting is crucial. Having facts, figures and examples at hand will help you

  • Highlight progress where it has been made

  • Share your thinking on the impact of stalled or failed plans

  • Reduce the risk of the discussion going off at a tangent

But as you prepare your self, take the time to put yourself in your team members’ shoes:

What environmental factors worked for and / or against them?

How did their role, targets or territory evolve over the past ten months?

Ask yourself what skill(s) did they use, need, develop or ignore?

How will you take the above insights and turn them into open ended questions?

And what's the outcome you're seeking from the check in. Be clear so you can get them to get results.

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