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It begins with awareness

So often you see these lovely Venn diagrams on Instagram, LinkedIn etc. that show the intersection of things you're good at, things you like to do, things with purpose and so on and there in the middle - at the intersection of 3,4 or even 5 circles is the Ikigai, the perfect fit for you, your goal. What those same diagrams often miss is where we start from.

The start tends more to be like the image below (or maybe two circles already intersect) - AND THAT'S OK - once you are aware of the different dimensions that make up your sweet spot, the more you can work toward it in a meaningful way.

And that is why self reflection is so important in your journey. And there are so many tools you can use to help with that self reflection

Journaling allows you to spot patterns, identify trends in both enablers and derailers

Psychometric tools like Hogan or HBDI grant you insight into your strengths and areas for growth - how to be more rounded as a person

Mindfulness practice affords you the chance to bring your best focus to more and more situations

Feedback from those around you (both supporters and critics) helps you get an external perspective

Coaching provides a time bound process to work on specific areas and to recognize patterns that promote, or prevent, your growth

<Aside> What other self reflection tools would you use?

As you start to work towards your goal, make use of the tools around you so your personal Venn is realized sooner not never.

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