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Kammavaca: Precepts for a new beginning

One of the most sacred Burmese religious texts, the 'Kammavaca' contains the rules for monastic life, conduct and ceremonies. This is a collection of 12 lacquered palm leaves written in black square Pali script.

A Kammavaca is usually commissioned by members of society as a work of merit, to be presented to monasteries when someone enters the Buddhist Order as a novice or becomes ordained as a monk. In the document are laid out the precepts for a novice or monk to follow in their daily life.

As you make the move from individual contributor to supervisor; supervisor to manager, manager to senior manager and beyond, how many time have the rules been presented to you? (and how beautifully?)

As a leader what is your Kammavaca? What are your precepts for being a good leader, for driving accountability, success and even joy in work? How do you create an environment to help connect employees, work, meaning and purpose?

Take ten minutes this week to draft out your precepts. What do they tell you?

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