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Keeping Score

What are the metrics you use to measure progress, results, happiness?

When I began to write my blog (at time of writing this about 300 posts ago) I was asked by my coach how I would measure my success. And I thought long and hard about that.

Page views, visitors to my website, new members per month, likes - all came to mind but as my writing has evolved I find the metrics that matter to me are less "hard" and more personal. It is in the comments when I speak with readers of my blog, "I like the brevity and practicality of your recent post" or, "What you're doing on <insert topic> really spoke to me".

I recently reflected that "Every reaction to this post is like a small friendly wave over the ether" Many of those waves are from former colleagues, co conspirators on successful (and not so successful) projects and past leaders I've honored to work with. Keep waving - I'm waving back!

That's the score I like to keep

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