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New Year Resolutions (It' a easy as ACBC)

What did you sign up for this year?

  • Hit the gym more?

  • Give up meat?

  • Read more?

  • Make more time for <insert hobby hirer>?

How are you doing with your goals? How many are you still doing? How many have you dropped?

I was on a team call recently and the question of resolutions came up, and many on that call "don't do resolutions". And as I've chatted with each about the why behind not "doing resolutions" - often the theme of not wanting to fail came up

Failure. What a teacher. What a hard master to please!

And from those discussions about not wanting to fail came other insights: the expectations we set ourselves, the impossibly high standards, the constant comparison to "how others are able to do this..."

Not always comfortably, but failure teaches, failure instructs

So seventy three days into the year take a look at those resolutions or intentions and try this:

  • Be kind to yourself - you tried - even if you didn't get the outcome you wanted or expected - so talk gently to yourself

  • Look for the lessons in the failure: What got in the way of your goal? Was it mindset, behavioral, environmental? Use those reflections to get better next time - be it at New Year or any other time you make a decision to change

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