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See the forest AND the trees: Questions to ask yourself.

This week is International Coaching Week and to join the celebration of the art, science and practice of coaching I wanted to share some of the question my clients and I have developed, borrowed, lifted and used together.

  • Am I attempting to mind-read somebody in this situation?

  • Is this thought arising from shame or fear? What is a thought I can have from self-compassion or hope instead?

  • (When making a decision) what course of action will help me get to my long term goal?

  • How do my values align / contradict this situation?

  • What could I let go of right now?

  • What am I avoiding here? What is the uncomfortable truth?

  • What answer feels easiest to me?

  • What advice would my future self give me?

  • What assumptions am I making right now?

  • Is there a way I am benefiting or protecting myself from continuing to believe or act this way?

  • Where am I feeling this in my body? What does that sensation have to tell me?

  • If nobody was watching or judging me, what decision would I make?

  • Would this decision make my life bigger or smaller?

  • Do I want to keep thinking this thing? Why or why not?

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