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Self care, inside and out

This is a lovely little visualization. Portable (do it at home, on a business trip or on holiday) and

multi purpose (it's good for heartbreak, career struggles, losing a deal, hangovers or just setting a more positive tone for the day or night ahead) and ready to do at a moment's notice.

The Shower Meditation.

  • When you get in the shower visualize washing your anxieties and stress away

  • Feel the water on your skin (I close my eyes as I find it helps)

  • Imagine your stress, worries, anger or negative feelings being dissolved by the water and flowing away down the drain

  • And when you get out and dry off? Visualize drying yourself off as polishing yourself - preparing for the day or task ahead

Want to make it more of a ritual? Light a candle or incense before you head into the shower.

Self care is crucial to your well being. Simple rituals / practices can be the preventative measure that head off burnout. I'd love to hear what your self care practices are!

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