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Taxi Cab Coaching

Coaching takes minutes to be effective - if done well and at the right time.

As a sales leader (I.e. sales coach) one of my favorite places to coach was the back of a taxi - heading to or from a customer meeting.

On the way there, going over our agenda, key outcomes, information gaps to fill (and, for lovers of PSS, the “opening”) was a time to listen to the sales persons' level of preparedness, customer knowledge and ambition. And on the way back? Reviewing the outcomes, updating our view on where the client was on their journey and planning/agreeing next steps (I often used the WWW.EBI.NS formula)

Those short rides helped me coach close to the event when insight and memory were freshest. With the advent of virtual meetings I still maintain the same practice, getting on line a few minutes early and staying on a few minutes after… and get the same results… Coaching works!

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