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The best things I learned in training: 70-20-10

The best 70-20-10 is Gordon Ramsey's ratio for the perfect burger

70% chuck steak

20% short rib

10% fat (finely ground)

The other 70-20-10 framework is built on the belief that

  • 70% of workplace learning should, come from on the job learning

  • 20% should be enabled by learning directly from others; and

  • 10% of workplace learning should be formal training;

Nice model, except there is no significant evidence that 70-20-10 works in practice - it is (at time of writing in 2024) only a theory upheld by one limited study

However as this is a "best things I learned in training" post I wanted to defend 70-20-10 to an extent

It feels right

  • get the theory in a classroom

  • get coaching or mentoring and

  • apply the lessons on the job to see what works and what doesn't

It is a non scientific reminder that skill, environment and motivation all play a role in how we learn

Take time to learn skills properly in a controlled environment, get feedback from those around you and practice, get feedback, adjust, practice, adjust, get feedback until you reach the required standard.... On that path lies excellence!

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