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The best things I learned in training: Dealing with Indifference

In the early stages of a sales call you might well be faced with someone who appears uninterested in what you have to offer, usually they might tell you they are satisfied with the status quo (current service or provider etc.)

This is odd because they agreed to the meeting with you already...

What I learned to NOT do - is to

a) tell them they're wrong or

b) try to convince them you are right, instead

So what DO you do?

  1. First, acknowledge that it's good to have a solution that meets their needs, then ask if it's OK to ask a few questions about how things are working right now

  2. With that agreement you have 3-5 questions to see if you can uncover a need that the client has that is not being met - look for problems - they are an opportunity for you

  3. Once you've found an unmet need, see if you can identify the impact that unmet need has on the customer. Then you can confirm that the client would like to do something about it

But the first step is not arguing, walking away or trying to convince them... Gain agreement to continue the discussion, then follow steps 1-3 above

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