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The Conscience of your Organization

I was in a first time manager training class in Chicago a few years ago and the CHRO dropped in to speak with us and take questions about our experiences, career aspirations and the future of the organization.

And in that conversation he used the phrase, " the conscience of the organization" . He was describing the then Vice Chairman of the board, great grandson of the founder, life long servant and officer of the company.

Ever since, when I've been in an organization, as employee, coach or consultant I've looked for those who are the conscience of the company.

Who speak up for the affected?

Who questions the plan from a human lens?

Who reviews and manages the risk?

Who asks, "should we do this?"

And If you don't know who the conscience of your organization is, you can ask, or you can volunteer. We need more people asking these kind of questions and taking those views

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