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The Generosity of Attention

When was the last time someone really listened to you? I mean really listened? Maybe a spouse, a colleague, counsellor or friend?

How could you tell? Maybe it was their body language? Leaning in, making eye contact with you, nodding or para verbal encouragement? Maybe it was just a feeling you had, or the way their question or comment showed you they had been listening deeply.

How did you feel to be given their attention and listened to in that way?

Conversely when was the last time you were in a conversation , meeting or discussion and the person you were speaking to was distracted? You know on a video call their eyes were moving around as if they were reading emails or messages? Or their hands were moving as if typing? Or maybe their comment or question showed they hadn't been listening, that they were distracted...

How did it feel to not be given their attention and not be heard?

Last question. Evert day, in every interaction you can choose to be attentive or distracted so how do you want to make your friends, loved ones colleagues and customers feel?

The choice is yours.

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