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The joy of (mindful) browsing

One of the pleasures of a trip to another country is visiting a bookstore. And in browsing the books store is an opportunity to practice your mindfulness. How to browse the shelf?

Browse the shelf

Find a topic that interests you (Stretch goal: go to a topic you often avoid or don’t understand)

What colors standout to you as your eye sweeps over the shelf?

What words catch your attention? Are those words the author's name, or part of the title or subtitle?

Next pick a book

Pick a book and look at the front cover - what resonates with you?

If you’re feeling brave lift the tome to your nose and inhale the scent of paper and ink (if you like to do this it is called biblosmia)

Open it to a random page and read the first full sentence - what does it mean to you?

Turn to the contents page and review the list - what story do the headings suggest to you?


Put the book back and choose another. And another. And another

Pause to select the two or three (or more) that really connect with you and

Take a deeper dive

Find a chair and read a chapter from each one

How does each make you feel?

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