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The Joy of Small Things

is a book I'm reading by Hannah Jane Parkinson. In just 235 pages she takes you from the perfect dressing gown and kissing to private jokes, petrichor and perfect pens. It is a manifesto for the celebration of life's simple pleasures

She and I share many - dogs in parks, open fires, baths, chocolate, good coffee and more, in fact Hannah lists over 100 small things she takes joy in. As I turned each page I added her joys to my list or not as the case may be and I began to create my own list:

Hugs from my sons

The "pfft!" from an expertly opened bottle of champagne

Writing when the mood takes me

Bobbing in neck deep waves and being pushed around by them

Laughing with friends

Listening to the wind in the trees

Music on headphones

Watching the sunset with my wife

Music on loudspeakers

Live jazz with trumpets, trombones and sax's

A well made Crème Brule

What is on your list?

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