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The maps we use part 2

The first image is a map many of us are used to. But the map is visually inaccurate; Africa (30.37 million km²) looks similar in size to Greenland (2.166 million km²) but look at the numbers, Africa is 14 times larger. OK I'm a geography nerd. But as a coach this really resonates with me. If your map (the model you use to see the world) is skewed the way you behave is impacted in a way that is not aligned with reality.

Below is a different projection (the Peters' projection) that uses a different method to display the world.

I'm not saying either map is better, the point I'm making is that the maps we use impact the way we see the world. The way we see the world impacts how we behave; so if you don't understand the map the people you are dealing with are using is it any wonder you can be lost (i.e. to be without a map)?

There is a great TED talk here that explains this for the map nerds among us...

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