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(What is) Your Identity?

How many identities do you have? I'm not talking about (or mocking) anyone who has dissociative identity disorder, I'm talking about how you present yourself to different people, places, institutions.

To start, how many profiles or bio's do you have? Check all that apply

  • LinkedIn

  • Other social media (eg Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, Discord, Facebook, Pinterest etc.)

  • Your Bio for proposals and RFPs at work

  • The Bio for your side hustle

  • Vendor or supplier platform bio's (GLG, Expert Wired, CoachBase etc) and

  • The bio you offer when you are a guest speaker on a podcast or conference etc.

My guess is you have many. But my question is how consistent are they? Do they say the same things? if so why do they? and if they don't why not?

To help align them how do you answer each of the questions below and how do those answers connect to each bio / profile?

  1. Where are you going? (what is your goal and how do you plan to get there?)

  2. Who are you taking with you?

  3. What milestones will measure your progress?

  4. And when you get there how will you know?

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