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Which one are you?

I scroll through my LinkedIn feed again (it's a twice or thrice daily thing) and there they are

self promoters


those who always seem to be doing cooler stuff then everyone else

customers celebrating wins

former colleagues and classmates

connections of connections changing jobs

people posting other people's content

nationalists promoting their motherland / homeland

helpers offering support

the vulnerable

the healing

the healed


the askers of tough questions

authors of thoughtful posts

people posting pointless polls or dubious infographics

subject matter experts and

Zoom / conference / offsite group photos

But my favorite group are those who's name causes a smile, a lift in my heart. Some I have never met but that doesn't stop me admiring you. We might have been co-workers, I might have reported to you (or you to me), we might have done good work together, been to karaoke, dined or danced together. And I'm grateful to say there are too many of you to call on you all by name.

Thank you for being you. You're awesome

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