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How we work together

Together we will discuss and agree your goals and over the course of time will develop plans and actions to keep the coaching results tangible. Depending on those agreed goals we will adapt the method to be fit for purpose.

Career Coaching

Embrace Life’s Challenges

We spend so much time working or thinking about work that the wrong role or a lack of alignment between your purpose and your job can impact you, your family and your life. Together we will take an approach to: Uncover your motivations and goals; Examine lessons from your career so far and; Use appreciative inquiry to develop a plan to get you on the track that's right for you

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Life Coaching

Get the Most out of Life

Life should be about quality not quantity. Take a step back and ask yourself some powerful questions and see where those answers lead... Go on you deserve it.

Life Coaching Testimonial

Guidance & Inspiration

Andrew is not just an exceptional coach but also an exceptional person who always finds time to listen, observe and help me grow professionally and personally. His feedback and guidance have always helped me reflect upon myself. His coaching has supported me to continuously improve and develop my skills. 
He says this to me many times in my coaching sessions :  ‘What’s under your control? Only think of that and then the answers will come on their own’. I remember these words every time I am conflicted and it helps me make the best decisions.
Andrew is one of the most empathetic people you will meet and he can brighten your day by his kind words and genuine appreciation. 
I am truly honoured and blessed to have Andrew as my coach. I will highly recommend him as a coach to anyone who wishes to become a better version of themselves

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Sales Coaching

Decode clients, hit quota 

In the fast moving, constantly shifting world of sales; take time to step back and identify patterns of behaviour, in your self, your customers and your team. And use the insights gained to unstall sales cycles, reinvigorate your pipeline and build better relationships.

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