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Apologies to Dan Pink for borrowing the title of this post

Are you a night owl, humming bird or lark? I'm not trying to tell if you have a spirit animal or avatar but whether your "A" game at work or at play is in the morning (lark) or evening (night owl) or you're flexible (hummingbird)

According to popular culture if

  • Your best work comes after dark

  • Dinner time is after eight

  • You'd much rather have a night out than a morning in the gym

  • You seldom hit the sack at the same time as your partner then chances are you are a night owl

Conversely the lark

  • Goes to bed early

  • Seldom needs an alarm and usually doesn't need the snooze button

  • Is more productive in the morning

  • Likes to hit the gym before work and

  • Is usually chipper and energetic upon waking

Surprisingly the hummingbird accounts for 55 to 80% of adults (depending on the literature you are citing). Hummingbirds do well with a daytime working schedule but enjoy (i.e. have enough energy and enthusiasm for) evening activities

Beyond the categories, knowing when is your best time of day, allows you to use that time most wisely - bringing your best self to your highest value activities and tasks.

So which are you?

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