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A new world of work and LinkedIn

The pandemic has given us so much change and not just the blurring of how, where and when we work. It has redefined business attire (shorts, shirt and, optional tie), protocols (the Zoom “wave”)

and what constitutes an interruption (kids, cats and other forms of chaos).

A related observation: that theme has slipped into LinkedIn; in among the posts of motivational speakers, polls and pithy insights, a new genre of posts pushing the “business“ envelope has emerged. Animal rescues, random acts of kindness, “chemo clear“ stories, photos from previous journeys.

A quiet canal in Prague Frosted Fence, Keilder Water, Northumberland

Some users on LinkedIn have railed against the “Insta-fication “ (yes that is a word) of the platform, I take a different view.

In a world of uncertainty, separation and pressure, I think those posts are our collective humanity reflecting that even when things are at their seemingly worst, we can still show and, be our best.

We can still celebrate, care, hope, dream and work toward a better today and better tomorrows. These "non business" posts are a sign that we are more than what we do for a living. And if you don't like them? Scroll on by.

Benjy, Glamour Shot Singapore

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