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Blue Monday

Today is "Blue Monday", supposedly the most miserable day of the year. The glow of the holiday season has faded, for the northern hemisphere the dark days of January seemingly have no end; sunshine and warmth are a distant memory / hope; debt incurred in the frenzy of gift giving is now visible in your bank statement or credit card bill...

Alternately, you might see a week, month and year (even a lifetime) full of possibility, opportunity and excitement ("hey! I got socks!"). But not everyone does. In the ongoing drama of the pandemic, the challenge of remote work and social isolation giving rise to increased stress levels for many ("oh, I got socks") take a moment to connect on a human level with those around you - from the grocery store staff and gas station attendants to the janitorial and security teams. Give strangers a smile (Smiling doesn’t necessarily mean you’re happy. Sometimes it just means you’re strong), call that friend you haven't heard from for a while, hold the door for someone, say you're welcome if shown a kindness. Our emotional and mental health are long term and so so important to all of us. Be part of the solution!

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