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Choosing the flavor or the price

I hired a taxi for a few hours during a long layover in Bombay many years ago. And in that time my driver, Habib, taught me a lesson that's stayed with me to this day

We had visited the Towers of Silence, Victoria Terminus, Juhu Beach, Colaba and the Gateway to India. Mid afternoon after a lunch of mutton curry served on banana leaves with the sun beating down on the city I mentioned that desert seemed to be called for, and after just a few moments thought, Habib told me he had just the place. A few minutes later we were outside an ice cream parlour that would put Baskin Robbins to shame

Flavors like rose and tender coconut, mango, almond fig, saffron pistachio and more beguiled me. And after much consideration I had my choice down to two - butterscotch (a great favorite of mine) and cinnamon peach (an intriguing combination). While I wanted to eat cinnamon peach (I've eaten butterscotch so much) the cinnamon peach was more expensive - about 4 Rupees (at that time about about 2 pence). As I hesitated, Habib leaned over and smiled and said, "sometimes you need to think about the flavor, not just the price"

And that lesson has stayed with me; whenever I get fixated on the price, I remember Habib and his advice. Often the cheapest price is not be best flavor

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