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Equity and fairness is a particularly deep instinct in humans. Other mammals, including rats, also seem to exhibit a bias for equity. Evolutionary psychology suggests that the instinct for equity is tied to getting enough space in the cave (a safe environment) and sharing food (connecting to the tribe and physical survival).

Equity is highly contextual, but seeing fair dealings triggers your reward system. On the other hand, if your equity need is threatened, it can be a difficult trigger to manage. A perceived lack of fairness interferes with activating the prefrontal cortex to stop the emotional brain taking over, making it harder to regain higher functions.

Don't believe me? Watch this video

As a leader how do you ensure fairness in your decision making? As a colleague, how do you embody fairness in your interactions with team mates, customers and suppliers?

Fairness runs deep. How can YOU use it?

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