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I've been listening to a really good read lately "Friends: Understanding the Power of our Most Important Relationships"

In it, Robin Dunbar, a behavioural psychologist, has suggested that the number of friends you need to be successful - is 150. Putting it simply he points out that 150 is often the number traditionally found in military units, factories and villages. At that number you can know everyone by name, know their skills (and weaknesses) and be close enough to want to help out if asked. Having good friends can cure and prevent depression, help you live longer and live happier.

He goes on to classify friends into different tiers or levels:

Intimate friends: 5 (who would donate a kidney to you) Supportive friends: 12 to 15 (who would be distraught if you died) Good friends: 50 (who would be invited to your birthday party, but not a dinner party) Regular friends: 150 (who you meet at weddings and office or school reunions)

In this age of social distancing and business networking, where do the above ideas sit with you? Are the numbers Dunbar suggests high or low? are there categories you would add?

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