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A few months ago, I started to take a few minutes on a Friday evening (right after my 1:1 with my manager) to write "five things I am grateful for this week"

In this week of Thanksgiving I took the time to collate and review my responses to that prompt and found that relationships (40%) and learning (25%) were far and away the most frequently occurring foci of my gratitude. Other areas included health, purpose, travel and "basics" like food and shelter. On a side note, on the days I was unwell with a cold, or flu or other malaise, I found my gratitude for things like a nice bed, warm clothes and hot soup increased significantly.

No big surprises to those who know me. I love to learn and I thrive with a group or groups of friends, colleagues and collaborators.

What was worthy of note has been the self observation that I have become more aware of when I am experiencing something worthy of gratitude - and that I express that gratitude in the moment to those around me. And even better? It's contagious!

So what are you grateful for today? And who can you share your gratitude with?

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