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How to write an affirmation

Love them or hate them there is a growing body of knowledge around the power of affirmations to help maintain focus us on our goals. But how does one write an affirmation? Here are my suggestions

Make it personal: rather than use one from somebody else, write your own, it will mean more to you. That said you can take elements of other affirmations you like, but crafting your own from them works better.

So as you start to write your affirmation here are few considerations:

  • Start with what you want to affirm: If you can't be clear, your affirmation won't be either

  • Positive: instead of “I will not be sick” try “ I will be healthy”

  • Be definite, use “ I am” or “I will be”

  • Build in an aspiration or two, “I am prepared to…", ”I am willing to be"

  • Consider the rhythm of how you will say it to yourself, let it flow, this means you might need to iterate, if it isn’t perfect at the first try, keep wordsmithing it…

Mine is in the picture below

What affirmations do you use?

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