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International coaching week - Values

As I've written before many clients come to me as a coach because they are stuck, they want help in finding their way in areas like:

  • A new job (without currently having one)

  • Meaning in their work

  • A new job (from their current one)

  • Better relationships with family, co workers

  • Overcoming a skill challenge (public speaking or interpersonal communications are popular ones)

Street art in Sydney

Now I don't always do this but often I find helping the client understand their deepest beliefs and values shines a light on what is holding them back, or provides a hint on a good directing to take

The wonderful Jean Balfour offers a free tool on her website (FYI you need to register to receive the toolkit for free) here

And once you have an insight into your values, that is an excellent place to start your coaching conversation. Go on, try it

This week is international coaching week, and to celebrate I’m offering a free coaching session the the first person responding in a DM to this post . No strings attached. Talk with me about your life, career, goals anything you like (and if you were first yesterday - give someone else a chance eh?)

And if you’re a coach, I’ll offer supervision or coach mentoring

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