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Make your own mistakes

The internet is full of (great) articles on what people learned when they did X for Y length of time - you know I planked every day for three months and this is what I found - or posts declaring X things I wished I'd known in my <insert decade here>. One thing they all have in common?

They did (or stopped doing) something. Didn't talk about, complain or wish. They did something.

And that's it. You have to do, to make progress. And that means progress over perfection.

So join the class, experiment with food, exercise your mind, grow your spirit, take the vacation. Ask for the raise, push for the promotion.

Following someone else's script can be fun. But what do you want to do? Be? Feel?

I can't guarantee you'll be successful, I can guarantee you'll learn and grow from what ever you do. So get out there, and make your own mistakes.

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