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Managerial Service Announcement - Just 65 days to go!

Take note, there are sixty five (65) working days until December 23rd.

Assuming you need to gather the information, review pertinent examples from the whole year (or since goals were communicated) and schedule a mutually convenient time (allowing the employee time to prepare adequately too), those 65 days will go pretty fast as you're likely to be doing one or more of the following list

Your regular job (which it's likely you are double or triple hatting)

  • Clearing leave (use it or lose it!)

Trying to finish the year strong

  • pulling revenue into / getting everything billed in 2022,

  • dealing with legal / finance to ensure 2022 revenue recognition

  • answering compensation / bonus questions

  • forecasting with best, expected and worse case forecasts (this could be twice a week in November...)

  • planning / executing work force reductions

Finalizing 2023 plans for a quick start

  • territory planning

  • comp plan finalization and communication

  • recruitment planning

oh and preparing for and having your own performance review

So as a reminder - if you want to have a good year ahead, if you want your people to improve and perform better than 2022, plan NOW for their review. It ain't sexy or exciting, but it is the foundation to individual, team and department performance and development.

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