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Mindful Blinking

Finding ways to stay in the present - or come back to the present is a crucial skill for all of us. Here I introduce mindful blinking, a technique to center you be you on the bus, in the air, at your workstation or coffeeshop. Enjoy

Mindful Blinking

Start with your fingers still at the corners of your eyes

Next hold your eyes closed for 2 seconds and make sure to have complete contact between the upper and lower lids. (When done correctly, your fingers won’t feel any movement)

Then open your eyes

Now relax your eyes

Again close for 2 seconds




Now check in on your self. How are you feeling? Try this before beginning or ending an intense activity. I find it's great for centering me before a coaching session or a 1:1 - so I can bring my best energy into the interaction.

How do you think you will use it?

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