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A former colleague recently shared the tale of a global organization looking to add a Global Master Facilitator role to their business. The remit? Reimagine the delivery function through the lens of hybrid learning; redefine internal processes; define onboarding ongoing development and quality standards; build a community within the associates pool and; work with the IT and Data Science teams to integrate measurement strategy within their area.

They applied. 20+ years experience, a good facilitator, leadership experience in both team management and community building made them (they thought) a compelling candidate.

They got the interview! They prepared, they anticipated, got ready. And did a decent job of it, garnering a second interview. Part delivery, part interview again they hit the right notes showcasing their abilities and their ideas for the role. "You'll hear by the end of the week" they were told...

Then silence. (insert sounds of crickets at night).

And now they get an update on the role. "Sorry the budget is x and your salary requirement is Y". We want to find someone more junior for the role who can grow into it..." A Junior Master Facilitator?

And what does "someone who can grow into the role mean? My colleague thinks the whole conversation is code for "you're too old and too expensive and we think we can get some of what we need done cheaper".

What are your thoughts?

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