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Today, on the eve of International Workers Day, I want to write about playfulness.

It’s been almost 2 years since I took this picture. Just north of Sugar- Loaf Rock in Western Australia, my son and I watched a pod of dolphins surf together.

Like their human counterparts the 40 strong pod, held their positions at the line up, then in threes or fours they would take off together and make the drop. Some riding beneath the surface in the pocket, others carving the face of the wave then, one by one, kicking -back through the wave (see above) and heading back to the line up.

Watching them play was a delight. It got me thinking of how play is such an important part of our lives when we are young but we seem to lose that playfulness as we mature... Is playfulness a part of your workplace culture? And if not, what are the barriers preventing that playfulness? How do you bring playfulness into your work and life? Or have you left it behind you?

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