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Running on empty

*We put gas in the car

We charge our phones, laptops and tablets

We carry battery packs in case a mobile device needs more power when we are away from a fixed power source

The toilet refills after every flush

When the car is getting low on gas, we put more in - we don't usually say "oh I'll do that later" or "there's time for that when I'm further on the road".

Our phone hits 20% charge - and there's an auto notification. And we know if we ignore it there are likely to be consequences if we run out of power altogether.

And yet there appears to be a culture of glorifying being busy, of skipping sleep, of pushing our selves without pause.

Sadly in the current model of human being, there is no pop up color coded window to inform you that power is draining. But there are signs:

  • You might experience chronic tiredness or sleepiness

  • moodiness, such as increased impatience or irritability

  • headache

  • aching muscles or weakness

  • slowed reflexes and responses

  • reduced quality of decision-making and judgement

Look out for these signs in yourself and others. Burnout is the prolonged exposure to physical, emotional or psychological stress, and will kill you if you don't do something about it.

Do you notice any of the signs above in yourself? In others? and if yes...How do you plan to recharge?

*these are not universal truths, but are illustrative

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