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Sales Coaching What's your rhythm?

It's already June. How is your team doing? how can you help them raise their game still further?

Think coaching

Most of the sales leaders I know tell me they already coach their teams, but I always go a little deeper and ask, at what frequency do you coach your team members? and when you do coach? what are you coaching on?

Because not all coaching is created equal and not all coaching serves the same purpose. So here are a few thoughts...

Twice a year: Calibrate
  • What is your coaching relationship and how is it doing?

  • What is the appropriate development focus area for the employee?

These are the tone setting, big picture discussions that let each of you check in and calibrate on the relationship and the desired focus. You can do these together (allow more time if you do) or have them a couple of week's apart, but do them and you have alignment and clarity on where you and your seller are heading

Twice a month: Coach
  • Coaching conversations on the highest value you can bring to your clients, and the behaviours / skills that will drive that value delivery

Using the output from the calibration meetings, these meetings allow you to get into what your sellers see is going on with their customers - goals, challenges and, priorities and how the seller can leverage all the tools available to be the best partner possible.

Every week (the traditional 1:1 sales meeting)
  • What deals are at which stage and the funnel velocity for each

This is what most sales managers are already doing - and it needs to be done! By using the insight gained in these meetings you can inform a higher level of discussion in the calibration meetings

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