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Share the why behind decisions

As we unpack the leadership behaviors Deci and Ryan identified in their research on Self Determination Theory that help intrinsically motivate employees (Internal motivation lasts longer and goes deeper than external motivation), this post covers Sharing the why behind decisions. Remember, motivating employees is NOT your responsibility but as a leader it IS your role to create an environment where employees can motivate themselves.

Context is crucial when it comes to sharing decisions be they big strategic or smaller and tactical. Context or the "why" behind the decision allows employees their own opportunity to connect the dots between what you are telling them and what they do day in and day out in their role.

What ever you are communicating ensure your employees are clear about the following:

  • What are the drivers for this decision? Think about all the inputs that gave rise to this choice: The impact of Technology, Demographics, Regulation, Environment, Competition - how did each impact the decision ? plus

  • Be prepared to articulate this and answer questions that might arise and questions are GOOD! they show the employees thinking about the information testing against the filter of their own experience, seeing the WIIFM...

  • How is what you are communicating aligned to the strategic goals or mission of the organization?

Closely linked to sharing facts data and knowledge giving the context helps your team get deeper insight, ask better questions so they can address gaps in their understanding and clarify how they feel about the decision.

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