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So you want to be the best?

Two of the most crucial factors when going into any career are education and experience. Both take time. You can find ways to accelerate some of the process but if you want to be the best take a look at how these two go hand in hand.

We are lauded with stories of the best of the best but too often we are presented with the current level of capability and don't see the hard work and effort - and failure and challenge that came before the success.

  • SEAL Teams members have between 18 and 30 months experience before they can apply to train to be a SEAL

  • F-1 Pit teams draw their members from STEM candidates with specialist qualifications who have years of experience in smaller touring series, as mechanics, as fitters, even as drivers

  • The best bands tour for years in small seedy clubs and bars learning their craft, dealing with indifferent or difficult crowds

  • Want to be a great coach? The ICF set a minimum number of hours for each of their 3 levels of certification from 100 to 500 and then 2500 hours of experience (plus training hours)

So to be clear - there are no shortcuts. Just the hard yards, the hard yards that lead to excellence through practice, repetition, reflection and action.

How will you approach that?

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