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Ten ways not to do a performance review

It is that time of year again... Here are some thought provoking ideas for you!

  1. Dial in or show up a few minutes late

  2. Apologize with a variation of “sorry I’m a bit late I had something important to take care of…”

  3. Follow that up with, “I have a hard stop at…”

  4. If doing the review virtually make sure you have multiple windows open on your computer and scan them while your employee is speaking

  5. Don’t prepare

  6. If you are jointly doing the review with another manager, do not coordinate with them before the meeting

  7. Make sure to take every positive thing you say and balance it with an observation on an area of improvement - ensuring that you use the word but to separate the former from the latter (E.G. ) You have great relationships with your key accounts but you need to turn that into more revenue per quarter"

  8. In order not to hurt the employees' feelings too much, ANY negative feedback should be vague and have no detail

  9. Give feedback (positive or negative) on a project you were not involved in

  10. "Oh sorry we're out of time - I'll email you"

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