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The best things I learned in training: Centering

Put your attention on your feet

Stuck in your head with racing thoughts? Or too much energy churning in your brain? Getting ready for a big presentation? Try this for just 30 seconds - unless you're in a hurry then try it for 2 minutes!

  1. Put both feet firmly on the ground

  2. If you can, take your shoes off (if not no problem)

  3. Put your attention onto the soles (bottom) of your feet

  4. Pay attention to any sensations in your feet: the shift in pressure as you make micro adjustments to your stance, or changes in temperature or even what the sensations are between your toes


Doing the same as the above you can try these two stretch goals

Visualize the earth under you, supporting you, holding your weight as you breathe and/or:

Visualize the soles of your feet opening to the earth (like a camera lens irising open) and as you breathe in, let the energy of the earth rise into your body, gounding you; As you breathe out, let any unbalanced or negative energy or thoughts drop into the earth for the earth to absorb

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