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The best things I learned in training: Features and Benefits

When you uncover a need that the customer has, you can then link your product to that need. You do this by describing features and benefits that are relevant to your customer’s needs

FEATURE: Is a characteristic of a product or organization

eg measurement is built into each stage of the customer experience

BENEFIT: Is what a feature means to a customer

eg this allows you to track engagement and improve customer retention rates

Most products have multiple features so you need to be sure to link relevant features and benefits to the customers needs.

Talk to your colleagues and

  1. Make a list of the problems your customers typically have

  2. Draw up a list of features for your products

  3. Draw up a list of benefits each feature

  4. Link #2 and 3 to the problems you listed in #1 above

When you are speaking to customers listen for their needs and see how you can link the features and benefits you've come up with.

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