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The best things I learned in training: Valid Business Reason (VBR)

The VBR illustrates to a prospect what they will gain from a meeting or conversation with you, that the conversation is relevant to their individual circumstances, rather than imposing your own sales agenda on them

Think of the reasons you request a meeting how many are VBRs and how many are not?

Which of these would you keep? Which would you kill?

  • I'd like to catch up for a coffee?

  • I read your comments on LinkedIn about the unique challenges you’re facing with the return to work mandate. I’d like to schedule a meeting to gain a fuller perspective, and share with you how we’ve been able to assist other businesses with the same issues

  • I'm going to be in Hong Kong next week and would love to meet up

  • It has been a while since we met. I thought I would touch base and see how things are going

  • I understand that your business is expanding and looking to grow. Given our current work with you and our expertise helping businesses like yours maximize their sales/turnover I wanted to make a time to meet with you to see how we can work together to help you achieve your business expansion goals

  • We've launched a new product and I'd like to share details of it with you

Which would make you say yes to the meeting?...

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