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The Recovery Key

Recently on a Sunday morning I was settling down to get prepared for the week ahead - planning for workshop delivery, reviewing notes for coaching clients etc.

But horror of horrors when I booted up my laptop I found a notification in the blue screes of uncertainty informing me that my device had performed some updates and a recovery key was required. A 42 digit key... and IT was at home asleep resting.

What to do?

I called a night owl friend in the UK and chatted for ages about physics, Emotional Intelligence, the great resignation and a Netflix documentary "Fantastic Fungi "; I picked up on a book that I'd stalled on reading - it was excellent and really stimulating; While reading I listened to my Spotify 2021 playlist (apparently the vibe was happy nostalgia); then had a coffee with my wife as she did after run stretches and; planned grilled salmon, cauliflower rice and avocado for lunch with my son.

Two hours later I got my message from IT (thanks Calvin!) with the key, but was having so much fun, I didn't enter the key until much later that day. Instead of planning I had played. And that I realized was the true recovery key!

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