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To Be… Or just to do, is that the question?

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Every Monday I spend a few minutes with my calendar open and my tablet in hand planning the next week or two ahead:

What sessions am I running?

Which coaching clients am I seeing?

What sales calls / account planning meetings to attend?

What internal events am I expected to be at?

and what preparation is needed for each, at what time and in what priority? In essence creating a high level "to do" list.

But recently I was speaking with a colleague to share an alternative habit.

The "To Be" list.

I hadn't heard of that so I asked. They told me, "what do you want to be this week? Kinder? Thorough? Calmer? Focused? Mindful?

That really struck home as I thought about the power of setting intention for any project, task or goal. And I realized / remembered that I can bring that same intentionality to my being, not just my doing.

So, what’s on your to be list?

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