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Two points about struggling

Our social media and news feeds (what an interesting choice of word eh?) are full of stories of success, victory, achievement.

But what I'm seeing is that too few speak of the flip side - the struggle to get to that accomplishment. And it is vital to remember when you are struggling: everyone struggles: with self doubt; with the dilemma of what they need to learn next in order to hit the next target; of making payroll, or paying the rent or what their kids will eat this week (and I'm sure you have your own list you can add here). We seldom see or even hear about the predawn alarm to be on set for make up at 5am, or the hour long drive to 60 minutes of warm up before training begins.

And that leads me to my second point: In award season with Grammys, Oscars and BAFTAs I've seen winners give a nod and their thanks to those that have helped them to the award, they thank their spouse, family, a few, their agents. Athletes to recognize family and go on to recognize their team mates, their coaches. They thank those that help them stay on plan, keep the goal in sight, support them in their (literally and emotionally) darkest hours

So to boil it down

We are all struggling with what's hard for us and, there are people around us who will support us - people who will commiserate every setback and cheer every victory

Keep going what ever your struggle

You've got this

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