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What counts?

I track so many things in my professional life, from leading and indicators in my enablement role, to the hours I have coached.

Personally many other things get tracked too - how minutes meditated, hours and songs listened to, the number of steps taken, today, week and month...

But. Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.

Recently I took a vacation and by the numbers it looked like this

Two weeks

5472 miles flown

3800 driven kilometers

And yet the numbers don't tell the whole story, there is so much more...

Work up with the sun, not an alarm

I photographed the Milky Way for the first time

Paddled in the Indian Ocean

Climbed on the rocks at many of those beaches

Sat and watched the sun set in silence

Listened to birdsong at dusk

Watched my first Anime movie

Chased rainbows on the Southern Ocean

Stopped and took photo's whenever I saw something to snap

Taught my youngest son to drive

Read voraciously on Space Science, Physics, Empathy, Coaching, Science Fiction and, Maps

Played 1-1 basketball (I lost)

Tasted many wines and beers

Made, cooked and ate pizza

Those experiences can't be quantified, there are no metrics for them. But the impact of doing different things, disconnecting from the "always on", "hurry up culture", changing pace created a space for reflection, relaxation and renewal.

How are you caring for your self?

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