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23 more things to do with out your phone

Last December I published a blog post on 23 things to do without your phone

Almost a year has gone by and I have had some success (and a few setbacks) in living more mindfully without my "Designed in California, manufactured in China mobile device"... So here are 23 more things to do without your phone

  1. Attend an Improv class

  2. Go to the toilet

  3. Listen to live music

  4. Describe the location, lighting, people and sound of #3 to a friend afterward

  5. Charge your phone a different room to the one you sleep in

  6. Try Yoga Nidra

  7. Find a copy of your favorite childhood book and re read it

  8. Discuss #7 with a colleague over coffee

  9. Reflect back on all the new year resolutions you've made over the years and see which took and which didn't. Remember this in January!

  10. Choose a dish you'd like to eat and learn to cook it yourself

  11. Share the output of#10 with two close friends

  12. Invite a group of friends around and ask each to bring a board game. Have a game night

  13. Go for a walk in the rain

  14. Go to an outdoor event for a sport you have never been to before

  15. Sitting, place your attention in the soles of your feet. Feel the contact with the ground. Then taking a few moments to feel each part of your body, noticing heat or cool, tensions or relaxation feel your toes, ankles, calves, shins, knees, thighs, buttocks, hips, waist, abdomen, back, chest, shoulders, biceps/triceps, elbows, wrists, palm and back of your hands, fingers, neck, face, ears, hear and scalp. Now, how do you feel?

  16. Out for a meal? Try a dish you have never eaten before

  17. Organize a mixed gender 5-a-side football (soccer for the Americans) kickabout with 3 or 4 teams. Mix it up with #16 afterwards

  18. Watch a foreign language movie (subtitles are allowed)

  19. After your walk in the rain - why not try a fish foot pedicure?

  20. Start or attend a book club

  21. Plan ahead and spend a week waking up without an alarm

  22. Organize a pot luck lunch in your office (you can do this virtually too)

  23. Make your own list and share it with the world

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