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23 Things to do without your phone

Our phones are amazing things that can do so much in such a compact form factor. They can also distract us and take an inordinate amount of our time. As we head to the year-end break (be it short or long) here are 23 things to do without your phone.

  1. Go for a walk or a run

  2. Have a coffee with a friend

  3. Write your journal

  4. Try a float tank experience

  5. Take a mode of transport you usually eschew

  6. Watch the clouds go by

  7. Ride a bike

  8. Go to a museum or art gallery (when you get your ticket - ask the ticket seller what their favorite exhibit is)

  9. Listen to the wind in the trees

  10. Go to a toy shop and look at the toys for toddlers

  11. Go to your local library and read a book (bonus - try randomly selecting a book of poetry and reading a few pages)

  12. Sit by a fountain and feel the water in the air

  13. Talk to strangers

  14. Get a manicure and / or pedicure

  15. Draw a picture

  16. Hug someone you love for a minimum of 30 seconds. Feel it work.

  17. Go to a movie

  18. Breathe

  19. Eat a meal (if you are with friends, stack your phones face down atop one another, whoever picks their phone up before the meal ends buys the meal!)

  20. Swim

  21. Does your city / town have a botanic garden or hot house / cold house? Visit it

  22. Get a massage

  23. Play with Lego. What can you build with just 24 pieces?

How many of the above have you done today? This week? This month? Our phones are great tools but can prevent us from doing so many other things. When you diversify your inputs you increase the creativity of your outputs.

What could you add to this list? What will you choose to do?

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