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Video Instruction

How to use the Serendipity Engine

What is the Serendipity Engine? how do you use it? Watch & Learn!

What is the Serendipity Engine?

Click on the video below to learn more!

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So you have your cards, now what?

How do you start? Simple

  1. Open the box

  2. Take out the cards and get to know them by looking through them and reflect on how you might use them

  3. Sort the reflection from the practice cards - the reflection cards seem to get better results during the session and the practice cards are useful for helping clients to be more in the moment between sessions 

With those steps complete, you are ready to start using the cards, below you will find a few are videos on different ways to use the cards.

Introducing the Serendipity Engine (also known as "Start here")

How do I use the Serendipity Engine? 

Using the Serendipity Engine as a coach

How do I use the cards with my client?

Using the Digital version of the cards

​Video to come

How do I use the cards online with my client?

Using the cards with a team

​Video to come

Team leaders can use the cards to set the tome for a meeting, deepen relationships on the team, even generate ideas.

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