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From --> To

When you know where you are (i.e. where you are coming from), you need to take time (sometimes a lot sometimes not) to figure out where you are going to

But there is another step: HOW to get where you want to go?

How many simple charts tables and graphics have you seen?

From --> To

I can't --> How do I learn?

I'm no good at this --> I can be better

Sets the strategy --> Imagines the future

Leads change --> Drives results

Overweight --> Sleek and fit

But all too often the missing part is the --> (the HOW you will get from "From"to "To")

And this is where your leader, mentor or coach comes in. They'll help you plan, leverage strengths, anticipate and avoid derailers

As James Clear says "we don't rise to the level of our aspirations, we fall to the level of our systems... Now what are you going to do with this insight?

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