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Once or twice a week I publish an idea, question, insight or reflection. Topics can be inspired by world events, coaching conversations, random thoughts after a workshop, anything!

The blog also features guest writers too - colleagues, connections and friends who have a point of view to share.

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photo shoot

I recently had some publicity shots done for work. You know the drill, a conference room, a photographer, maybe a background, a variety...

Let's talk Compensation

With a new year, come new targets, stretch goals and a review of compensation. As with everything in leadership in this current normal,...

One on One

As a leader I have regular 1-1's with my team Purpose What is your purpose for the 1-1? What do you want to accomplish? How will you know...

Shift Happens

What happens if you stay in one place too long? As the world around us changes , we need to relentlessly review our choices and...

Upon Waking?

What’s your morning routine? Alarm wakes you up You reach for your phone to silence it You see all those notifications and boom you're...

Explore Possibilities

I recently ran a coaching workshop for a client on the topic above. Building coaching capability requires development of skills in asking...

Listening to persuade

As a sales rep I used to sell a program called, " Connecting with Others, Listening and Speaking" which was an early "influencing"...


Is a gift, is easy to do and can get great results if done right... Here are 3 models to consider for how to give feedback SBI Situation:...

New year, New you?

Looking for a resolution you can make and keep? A best practice for new habit formation is to start small and do something simple daily...

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